Combination of EAVISION and BASF agrochemical and drone, green prickly ash plant protection increases production and efficiency

Oct 12 , 2022

It attaches great importance to improving the economic value of Zanthoxylum bungeanum, helping pepper people increase production and income, and carrying out targeted management to improve the degree of agricultural mechanization in Zanthoxylum bungeanum producing areas. The cultivation of prickly ash in Chongqing is mainly in the hilly and mountainous terrain, the terrain is complex and the degree of mechanization is low. Improper use of agrochemical will bring about phytotoxicity and soil erosion. At the same time, the age of the plant protection practitioners is too old and the operation efficiency is not high, which are the factors restricting the development of the local prickly ash industry.


In response to these problems, EAVISION Robot and BASF, an international agrochemical enterprise giant, conducted a nine-month full-course experiment on prickly ash in Dianjiang to verify the effectiveness of the combination of agrochemical and drone, and provide real experimental data for the government to formulate guidelines for the plant protection of prickly ash.



With the main purpose of increasing the production and income of Chinese prickly ash and preventing and controlling major pests, and practicing the green plant protection standard of saving water and medicine, EAVISION Robot and BASF jointly developed a plant protection plan combining agrochemical and drone. In the experiment, the relevant departments personally compared the yield and efficiency of Zanthoxylum bungeanum in the artificial plant protection area and the experimental site: the uniformity of the drone spraying wine, the quality of leaves, and the fruit yield were compared and tested.



2020.9-2021.6 EAVISION drones for the prevention and control of aphids, leaf mold and rust



The person in charge of EAVISION Chongqing and BASF experts up on the 9 flight defense operations


How effective is the plant protection program?



Randomly arrange water sensitive paper on the back of the leaf


Production test comparison

Sampling according to the local agricultural committee's production measurement standard

Sampling requirements: same age, same diameter, same number of branches

Branch selection: The length of the branches in the north facing the sun is 80cm

Comparison scheme: ①EAVISION & BASF whole-process plant protection scheme ②Conventional manual control



Multi-party inspection and production process



EAVISION & BASF solutions

Number of pepper claws: 33 claws + 20 claws (side branches)

Number of blades: 232

A diseased leaf tree: 62 pieces


Control scheme

Number of pepper claws: 30 claws + 14 claws (side branches)

Number of blades: 224 pieces

Number of diseased leaves: 158



Also take 1000 peppercorns and put them into the sieve. The particles of the EAVISION & BASF program are obviously larger (more dry matter accumulation)



Average 1000-grain weight 100.67g Average 1000-grain weight 89.67g


The flight defense operation is 30-60 times more efficient than manual work

Production increase: 12.3%

Water saving: 90%

The test proved that the prickly ash fruit produced by the EAVISION & BASF plant protection program was more plump than the artificial control. In the test, the effect of the combination of EAVISION and BASF's plant protection scheme was obvious. Compared with the traditional operation method, it not only increased the yield of Chinese prickly ash, but also improved the operation efficiency. In the future, EAVISION will cooperate with international well-known pharmaceutical companies to explore the combination of medicine and machine with the whole process of plant protection, strictly control the dosage of agrochemical, and realize the "double reduction" of agrochemical water and the "double increase" of production and quality. Through green flight control, to create high-quality Agricultural products, escort the growth of all things.

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