How to control citrus gray mold and red spider mites?

Oct 12 , 2022

In order to verify the control effect of drones on citrus diseases and insect pests, EAVISION conducted comparative experiments on the prevention and control of different diseases and insect pests in the main producing areas: Guangxi, Hunan, Jiangxi, Zhejiang and other places. Among them, red spider mites are the pests with the highest occurrence probability of citrus, and the onset is fast. , The characteristics of prevention and control make it a big worry for growers all the time. Citrus spider mites mainly damage leaves, green shoots, fruits, etc., causing many small gray-white spots on the victimized parts, losing their inherent luster, often causing a large number of leaves, flowers, and fruits in late spring and early summer, which seriously affects the yield and tree vigor of citrus. . In order to explore the flying control effect of the currently popular terminal killer, EAVISION and Guangxi Specialty Crops Research Institute, located in Lingui District, Guilin City, used the EAVISION drone-agrochemical combination scheme to conduct a field efficacy test of citrus spider mites, and achieved ideal results. prevention effect.


Guangxi · Citrus Red Spider Control


Work Background

Test site: Lingui District, Guilin City, Guangxi Province

Test Crops: Wokan Varieties

The planting density is 130 plants per 667m, the plant height is 2 meters, and the tree age is 5 years

Target situation: The density of red spiders is high

Topography and landforms in the peak period: small and gentle slopes, good crop growth

Soil type: yellow loam, medium to high fertility



Test model: EAVISION EA-20X

All-terrain version flight speed: 1.5m/s

Flight altitude: 2.8m

Droplet size: 40μm

Spray width: 2.5m

Operation mode: fully autonomous operation


Test effect EAVISION drone-agrochemical combination control effect is as high as 99%



  Insect population base (head) Number of live insects (head) Decrease rate (%) Corrected control effect (%)
3 days after 1645 30 98.20% 98.20%
10 days after 1645 20 98.80% 98.80%
20 days after 1645 100 93.90% 99.90%



Energy saving and efficiency

Operation method Consumption per acre Water consumption per acre (kg) Water consumption per acre (kg)
Manual 120 250 1
EAVISION Drone 100 5 12


Prevention and control suggestions

In the process of red spider control, EAVISION UAV has achieved a red spider control effect of up to 99% through the combination of drone and agrochemical. EAVISION drone sprays the wine evenly and has strong penetration, combined with 40% biphenyl ether and etendazole for prevention and control, both in terms of quick-acting and long-lasting effects, have strong advantages. At the same time, because of the large number of red spiders, strong resistance and many generations, in order to reduce the resistance of red spiders to the pesticide, it is recommended that users can also choose several medicines to use in rotation.

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