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Eavision Assists in Higher Yields of Summer Corn in the Huang-Huai-Hai Region

Jun 06 , 2024


The term "ton and a half grain field" refers to an experimental field where wheat and corn are planted in the same plot in one year, with the total yield per mu exceeding one and a half tons. On February 13, 2023, the Central No. 1 Document first proposed the slogan "creating ton and a half grain fields," aiming to tap the potential of existing arable land, continue to focus on increasing grain yields, and serve as an important way to achieve future grain yield increases.


What are the challenges of corn planting in the Huang-Huai-Hai region?


In the late growth stages of corn, the corn stalks are tall, and leaves are dense, making it difficult for large machinery to enter and resulting in uneven and insufficient pesticide application. This makes it challenging to effectively prevent and control diseases and pests such as rust, leading to a decline in leaf quality. Additionally, in the later stages, corn in the Huang-Huai-Hai region is susceptible to extreme weather conditions such as drought, high temperatures, and waterlogging. The limited promotion area of integrated water and fertilizer systems makes it difficult to supplement nutrients in the later stages.


What are the advantages of the Eavision’s Corn Three Leaf Collar Yield Increase Technology?


1.      Even and Thorough Application Improve Pesticide and Fertilizer Utilization Rate


The three leaves of the corn ear have the highest chlorophyll content and the most active enzymes, determining more than 60% of the corn yield. However, ordinary drone spraying cannot penetrate them. The Eavision’s CCMS dual-peak ambient temperature mist nozzle can adjust droplet size within 10-300μm, allowing the pesticide to penetrate and cover the corn ear's three leaves more effectively, effectively controlling rust and increasing the utilization rate of pesticides and fertilizers.


Product Model

Flight Height

Flight Speed

Spray Volume

Nozzle Type

Droplet Size

Spray Width





Mist Nozzle




Moreover, in the mid-to-late stages of corn, the tall stems are prone to breaking. The Eavision’s operation mode and obstacle avoidance are smooth, reducing mechanical damage to corn, especially suitable for tall crops. Eavision drones can operate about 400-500 mu per day, significantly saving manpower, material resources, time, and costs.


2. Combining with Eavision Yield Increase Agents for Integrated Machine + Agent + Technology Mode



Corn yield is determined by the number of ears per mu, the number of grains per ear, and the thousand-grain weight. The tasseling and silking stage and the grain-filling stage are critical periods for determining the number of grains per ear and the thousand-grain weight. Eavision drones implement two plans during the tasseling and silking stage and the grain-filling stage, improving pollination rate and photosynthesis, enhancing enzyme activity and stress resistance, promoting root growth, increasing the number of grains per ear and grain weight, thus improving the overall quality and yield of corn.


How effective is the Eavision’s corn yield increase test?



On September 26, leaders and experts from the Shandong Provincial Agricultural Technology Promotion Center, the Shandong Academy of Agricultural Sciences Corn Institute, the Shandong Provincial Seed Management Station, and the Shandong Provincial Environmental Protection Station arrived at the Qihe Station of the Dezhou Corn Demonstration Park for yield measurement.



As seen from the comparison pictures of the four groups of schemes, corn treated with the Eavision drone control + Eavision scheme has healthy leaves, green stalks and leaves, mature stalks, full grains, fewer bald tips, and good disease prevention and control.


Test Conclusion: Using the Eavision plant protection drone combined with the Eavision yield increase scheme during the critical growth periods of corn (tasseling and silking stage and grain-filling stage) can increase the number of grains per ear, resulting in a 9.07% increase in corn yield.


From the yield results, the Eavision scheme + Eavision drone yielded the highest, increasing production to 746.5 kg/mu (dry weight) in the high-yield areas of the Huang-Huai-Hai region, with an increase rate of about 9.07%. Compared to the control group, the yield increased by 58.2 kg per mu, and farmers praised the yield increase of the Eavision’s "Three Leaves Collar."


In the future, Eavision will work with partners to seize evolving market opportunities, jointly create a new socialized aerial plant protection service system, and develop innovative models to build standardized and unified agricultural modernization management solutions focusing on prevention. By integrating technological strength with new agricultural service models, we aim to promote the vigorous development of agricultural modernization!

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