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Eavision Fully Participated in China’s First Successful County-Wide Citrus Psyllid Control Project

Jun 11 , 2024


From April 22 to early May, the government of Xinning County, Hunan Province, carried out a county-wide unified pest control operation for citrus psyllids. This project is the first nationwide practice of unified pest control for citrus diseases covering the entire county, leading in terms of treatment area, coverage, and impact scale.



As one of the four major navel orange export bases in China, Xinning County has nearly 500,000 mu of navel orange plantations, producing 700,000 tons and generating a production value of 5 billion yuan. The planting area and yield rank first in the country. Navel oranges are the core pillar industry of Xinning County. The county government highly prioritizes the safety of its industrial development, especially in the prevention and control of Huanglongbing, a disease with significant threats. To fully safeguard the healthy development of the navel orange industry, the county government decided to implement a county-wide citrus psyllid control operation, aiming to prevent psyllids comprehensively, leaving no dead angles, and completely cutting off the transmission chain of Huanglongbing.



In this unified pest control project, Eavision’s EA-J100 agricultural drone was the first choice due to its excellent pest control efficacy and mountainous operation capability. Suzhou Eavision Robotic Technology Co., Ltd.'s important partner, Xinning Eavision UAV Technology Co., Ltd., served as the core unit for implementing the pest control task. A total of 211 drones were deployed, covering 117 villages with a control area of 300,000 mu, efficiently completing the control task and winning widespread praise from farmers and high commendation from the local government.



Due to the tight timeline, complex terrain, and numerous towns and villages involved in this control task, the organization and execution of the unified pest control faced challenges. Under the leadership of the Xinning County government and various township levels, the team overcame numerous difficulties with a high sense of social responsibility, continually summarizing and optimizing, and ultimately completed the unified control project satisfactorily.


1. Large-Scale Training: Enhancing Farmers' Awareness of Psyllid Control



Before the operation, the team conducted a survey of the county's socialized aerial pest control situation and found that local farmers had limited knowledge of unified control technology and lacked plant protection experience. Therefore, Eavision initiated large-scale plant protection knowledge training, covering the prevention and control knowledge of citrus Huanglongbing and its vector psyllid and provided the J100 drone control solution, enhancing farmers' awareness of effective psyllid control.


2. Extensive Cultivation: Building a Standardized, Localized Aerial Pest Control Service Force


In addition to training on psyllid-related knowledge, Eavision also offered free training for local service organizations throughout the county, providing information management tools. By the end of April 2024, a total of 408 drone pilots were trained, and the professional aerial pest control team expanded to 70 people, achieving barrier-free unified pest control both internally and externally.



Since 2022, Eavision has partnered with the government and agricultural supply companies to promote the construction of socialized aerial pest control teams and provide professional services. In 2023, Eavision offered free training for 336 drone pilots in Xinning County and helped establish a professional team equipped with six drones in Yuehan Village. This initiative influenced and radiated surrounding villages, which voluntarily purchased 32 drones, further expanding the scale of aerial pest control operations.


These initiatives not only increased the number of drones in Xinning County but also significantly expanded the aerial pest control team, promoting the development of socialized agricultural services in Xinning County.


3. Comprehensive Planning: Developing a Thorough Implementation Plan for Unified Pest Control


The unified pest control project was led by Eavision 's Vice President of the Agricultural Division, Que Renwen, as the chief commander, with Xu Hongbing as the deputy commander and operation team leader, and Zhou Zhe responsible for quality control and data analysis. They led hundreds of experienced professional drone pilots, from preliminary site surveys to final result acceptance, planning a comprehensive implementation plan for unified pest control, ensuring high-quality and efficient operations.


Vice President of the Agricultural Division, Que Renwen, organizing personnel and assigning tasks


During the operation, the team adopted a two-stage unified pest control strategy. In the first stage, they concentrated superior resources, seized favorable weather windows, and prioritized operations in core villages, following the principle of "from outside to inside, first contiguous then scattered," quickly completing the pest control of large contiguous areas, laying a solid foundation for subsequent work. In the second stage, part of the elite team was allocated to focus on remaining small-area villages, conducting meticulous finishing work to ensure no omissions.


The professional, standardized operation team and comprehensive implementation plan ensured the high-quality execution of the pest control project. The phased, core-focused implementation strategy significantly shortened the overall operation time and improved efficiency and efficacy.


4. Information Management: Using Digital Tools for Efficient Unified Pest Control Management


The team relied on the Eavision’s data screen and Smart Agriculture management system to achieve comprehensive monitoring of drone operations, including spray area, flight duration, and pesticide usage, tracking key data in real time. Through the digital cloud platform, they simultaneously monitored pilot work efficiency and operation statistics, ensuring timely identification and correction of issues. The use of digital tools not only facilitated team management but also greatly improved operational efficiency and quality.



After the unified pest control action, Eavision not only refined a comprehensive citrus psyllid control strategy integrating "machines + agents + techniques" but also set a model for government-enterprise cooperation in pest control, establishing a professional pest control team with rapid emergency response and strong combat effectiveness and building a platform for the incubation and development of socialized agricultural services.





Looking back at the three-year exploration of unified pest control for citrus psyllids in Xinning County, Eavision closely cooperated with the Xinning County government, agricultural suppliers, and farmers to jointly build aerial pest control teams, providing free training and drone rental services, and using information tools to strengthen management. During this process, Eavision not only promoted the development of local aerial pest control service organizations but also significantly enhanced Xinning County's socialized plant protection and aerial pest control capabilities.


In the future, Eavision will continue to combine government guidance, policy support, and socialized operations to establish a socialized aerial pest control service system, creating a standardized and unified agricultural management solution focusing on prevention. Eavision will actively fulfill its social responsibility and use technology to protect the growth of all living things!

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